1–3 Sept Virtual Summer School at University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK

This summer school will be organised virtually using Blackboard, and hosted by USFD. Both local speakers (Dr. Annette Taylor) and external speakers (Dr. Tamas Bansaji and Dr. Mark Tinsley) will participate in the event. This modeling workshop will involve lectures and interactive group workshops where students will work through problems together using available software. It will also be open to
non-Network members, who registered before the 28th of August. The aims of the sessions are: i) to introduce students to the tools available for modeling chemical reaction networks, ii) to provide insight into how to build reaction network models for certain types of behaviour, iii) to explore methods for finding behaviour, and iv) to give experience in parameter estimation and kinetic data fitting. The topics covered will include: Solving ODEs, integration methods; Kinetics: mass-action, Michaelis-Menten etc.; Reaction network design and behaviour. Signal response curves; DNA based systems; Stochastic modelling; Reaction diffusion systems and PDEs.